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tavern clocks

Post by AdminCR » Wed Jan 04, 2017 10:10 pm

Some observations on tavern clocks:
Typically have a five gear train to make the clock run 8 days with a smaller drop of the weights.
Because of the 5 gear train the weights are heavier than normal.
Tavern clocks were hung up high on the wall, out of reach, with a wood dial, no glass on dial.
The hands had to be larger to be seen and therefore needed to be counter balanced. Mostly the minute hand is counter balanced but sometimes the hour hand as well.
Typically, there is no striking train because that would make the clock too heavy to hang on shaky walls.
The clockmaker’s signature is typically under the chapter ring on the dial or just below the dial on the case.
Tavern clocks were mostly made in the south of England, not much in the north.

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