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Make clocks for technology

Post by jamesmatheson » Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:35 pm

In Canada there are no clock makers. People don't know what gears are or how they work. Here is a clock piece I tried to make to bring back the clock industry:
I wasnt aware I needed to gear down the front to make it self winding. I thought a drill was the best option but I figured out if I gear down the front of the clock I can make it self winding with a small motor instead of a drill. We need this to bring back the clock industry. My finances are really down now that I have done this. I am working with the last clock maker in North America to have this made so it is self winding. I would appreciate speaking with anyone about this topic of making this self winding. In Canada I am the only person who speaks about clocks and because of this no one speaks to me. I really would appreicate anyones input. Thank you for reading.
If anyone responds I can show you a few clocks I managed to gear down. The only reason its so difficult is no one is speaking about this and the only way I can stay focused is when I isolate myself. It is really difficult. I even wrote a book about how difficult it is to complete this project with no help. Thank you again for reading.

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Re: Make clocks for technology

Post by MtKuile » Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:03 pm

Hi James. I am interested to look at your book about this project. I am intrigued how you are trying to make self-winding table or wall clocks and why. Of course, the self-winding part is well understood for turret clocks. You might want to get in touch with Chris McKay, an expert on turret clocks who can tell you more about the self-winding element. See:

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