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Clock owners: earn money from your clock photos

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Do you have lots of photos of clocks and clock parts sitting somewhere in your files? We'll explain here how these pictures can generate cash for you while you remain in control and keep full ownership.

Put your assets to work...

You are sitting on a valuable asset that isn't doing anything for you, nor for the conservation of clocks! How about, if you can remain the owner of these photos, but still have them generate cash for you? Indeed, your photos can be of great value to everyone who cares about the conservation of clocks, but most importantly, to you as a source of cash. Your photos can make you, your company, museum or clockshop money by taking action now!

Upload your clock photos to The Clock Register to boost your clockmaking income, the revenues of your museum, clockshop or auction house and, at the same time, support the conservation of clocks.

...where clock aficionados gather

If you want to earn money with your photos, The Clock Register is a great place to link them to. We are the only clock search engine on the internet allowing you to search for clock information using more than 150 fields and searching through over 10,000 photos of clocks and clock parts. And that number is growing rapidly.

Yes, we are the only clock search engine on the internet that lets you search on text, more than 150 fields and photos! As a hub for clockmakers, dealers, collectors, curators and students, we are ideally positioned to generate cash for you from your photos.

Make money from your photos in 3 ways

  • Money from Clock Credits sales: When Members buy Clock Credits from the Clock Register, you will earn money in proportion to the number of photos you have contributed. The money you earn is your pro rata part of 30% of the net revenues generated from us selling Clock Credits to our Members. So, the more photos you contribute the higher your pro rata part of the total number of photos in The Clock Register. And it gets even better.
  • Money from photosets: A Member buys viewing rights to see a complete photoset of a clock and the parts that make up that clock. Typically about 100 photos! You happen to have sent in that photoset. So, again, you are earning money! This time, 70% of the net revenues!
  • Money from high resolution photos: A Member buys the right to download a high resolution photo from one of your photosets. Bingo! You are earning money again, 70% of the net revenues!

You remain in full control

Besides, while you are earning money, you are in complete control of your photos:

  • You decide the quality of the photos you want to show.
  • You decide whether you want to sell your high resolution photos.
  • You decide the price of each photoset you contribute.
  • You decide the price of your high resolution photos.
  • You can check your earnings real-time online (provided you are logged in) by clicking on my account in the menu bar and then on my net revenues.
  • Most importantly, you remain in full control as the owner of your original photos, if you so wish.

If you only want to show reduced quality photos, that's fine. If you also want to sell your higher quality original photos that's fine too! The Clock Register will never own your photos. Not your reduced quality ones, nor your originals.

Our Members will be able to save your reduced quality photos but only on a licence that says that they cannot distribute or make money from them without your consent. Without your consent, they can only use them for their own purposes. Only when you decide to sell a high resolution photo—at a price that you set—can that Member obtain a copy of your original. Again, on a licence where that Member cannot distribute or make money from that original without your consent.

Check out the demo!

Click here to see a demo of how this all works.

Can I trust The Clock Register?

If this all sounds like a fair bargain, read on, to discover what you need to do to start earning money. The good news is, you do not have to do much to make this happen, because we have done most of the work for you.

But can I trust you...? If you feel awkward about sending your clock photos to us, remember that you are dealing with The Clock Register. You have our word and a written agreement in the Terms of Use that if you want your photos back or deleted from our website, we will do exactly as you request. No questions asked. We exist for our Members and our aim is to run a first class business, and that, in a first class way.

So how do we get started?

If you are not a Member already, join now. It's free to join. Then add the clocks to The Clock Register of which you have photos to show.

Then send us your photos (as explained below) and make sure your photos have descriptive tags that say what you see on the photo. You can have a maximum of 75 tags per photo. Adobe's Bridge and Apple's Photos are good tools to add tags to photos. If tagging sounds like a bridge too far, send us your photos and we will tag them for you. We charge £1.50 per photo to add tags.

You need to show at least 10 photos per clock (this is what we call a "photoset"). Most people send in about 100 photos of one particular clock and all its parts. Our web visitors can see the number of photos in a photoset before they buy the photoset. Obviously, the more photos you put into a photoset, the better your chances someone wants to buy acces to it. Nobody can link through to your photoset until they have paid The Clock Register. We split that payment between us (70% to you, 30% to The Clock Register). It is that simple.

Where will my photos be stored?

We store all photos in the cloud with a professional, safe and secure photo storage service: Flickr. Flickr is owned by SmugMug. We currently hold more than 10,000 photos on Flickr. That number is growing steadily with Members adding photosets. Nobody can see the photos you sent us on Flickr directly, only via The Clock Register.

A typical photoset will contain about a 100 photos. The minimum number for a photoset is 10 photos. There is no maximum. But, you can set your own price for each photoset that you contribute when you are adding a clock to The Clock Register. So for instance, for a photoset with 100 photos you set your price at £9.95 and for another photoset with only 23 photos, you set your price at £4.95. It's entirely up to you how you do that. The more photosets you offer and the more photos per photoset, the better your chances of earning money.

And when you add a clock to The Clock Register, you can set your own price for your high resolution originals too! For example, you may want to price your originals, from the £9.95 photoset, at £3.95 per original photo and at £0.99 per original for the photos from the £4.95 photoset. Again, it's entirely up to you how you do this. This, of course, only if you want to sell copies of your originals. If not, we will still show your reduced quality photos as photosets, but not offer your higher quality originals for sale.

Let's give an example of this second method. A Member decides to search on the words "maintaining power spring". Several photos are found, possibly from different photosets, that all have at least one tag that reads "maintaining power spring". This Member is particularly interested in one of these photos and buys the original by clicking on the button "buy the high resolution photo for £3.95". Again, as simple as that! Click here to see it in action.

Five practical steps to begin earning money from your photos

  • Step 1: Your photoset must satisfy the following requirements: (1) the photoset consists of at least 10 good quality photos of the clock and its parts, (2) each photo in a photoset must be at least 100 x 100 pixels and (3) all photos are free from watermarks. Please note that we will not offer single photos for sale as high resolution photos, unless both width and height of these photos exceed 100 pixels. In our judgment, below 100 x 100 pixels, the photo quality is not good enough to sell as a high quality photo.
  • Step 2: Give your clock photos sufficient tags to describe what you see in the photo. The more tags you give each photo, the more revenue potential you create for yourself, because you increase the probability that your photo will be found in a photosearch. If a Member likes a photo, he or she might want to buy the original from you. Here are some examples of tags people might search on. You can create any tag you like with a maximum of 75 tags per photo. Of course, a tag must relate to what you see in the photo.
  • Step 3: Send your photoset to us (email: via a file sharing service such as Dropbox or WeTransfer or whatever service you feel comfortable with. We will then store your photos on Flickr, in a private and secure space, which nobody can access unless they come through The Clock Register. Remember, you will remain the sole owner of your photos. We will immediately return or delete your photos, if you so request. No questions asked. Our reputation as a clock conservation business depends entirely on how we treat your intellectual property. We aim to offer a first class business, and that, in a first class way.
  • Step 4: Add the clock that belongs to a photoset to The Clock Register by clicking on "add clock" in the menu bar. The more questions you answer about the clock, the better the chances it will be found in a search, the better your chances to earn money. We will link the photoset you sent us to the clock that you add to The Clock Register in this step 4.
  • Step 5: Add your bank details, or select PayPal as a payment option, by clicking on the "my account" button in the menu bar once you are logged in. This, so we can pay you.

That's it. You can monitor, at any time, in the "my net revenues" section (under "my account" in the menu bar of our website) how much you have earned from your photos.

So you can decide at what prices to sell each photoset you contribute and at what prices you want to sell your high resolution originals in that photoset. If you do not want to sell your originals, say so when you enter the clock information under "add clock", and we will not offer them for sale. Remember, we will only show, and our web visitors can only copy, your photoset photos in reduced quality (a maximum of 100 x 100 pixels). You will remain the sole owner of your high resolution photos, unless you are happy to sell them too. You can ask us to return your photos to you or delete them at any time. No questions asked. You can monitor, what you are earning from your photos at any time by clicking on "my net revenues" under the "my account" button in the menu bar when you are logged in.

When do I get paid?

You get paid monthly. We use Stripe, a tried, tested and secure payment system, to handle payments on our website. We will pay you monthly your net revenues for that month within 14 days after we have received our revenues from Stripe. We pay to your bank account or via PayPal (using your email address) as you prefer. Enter your bank details, or select the Paypal "yes" button under "change payment details" in "my account" in the menu bar. You can read more about how Stripe's payment service works here.

How do you define net revenues?

definition of net revenues: The sales price of an item minus Stripe's compensation for us using their secure payment system. Stripe earns 2.4% + 20 pence per transaction. The Clock Register gets 30% of a photoset or high resolution photo sale, while 70% goes to the owner of the photos. The Clock Register gets 70% of the Clock Credits sales, while the remaining 30% is distributed among the Members who have contributed photosets pro rata to the number of photos they have contributed.

Example of photo net revenues: Let's assume you have a set of 80 photos of a particular clock and you have set the price of the photoset at £9.95. A Member clicks on the hyperlink to your photoset for that clock. That generates £9.95 in revenues. Stripe will take 2.4% + 20 pence of £9.95 which is £0.44. That means £9.95 - £0.44 = £9.51 is available as net revenues.You will receive 70% of £9.51 = £6.66.

Where do I enter my bank or PayPal account details?

Once you are logged in, click on "my account" at the top right of the menu bar. Then click on "change payment details" and fill in your bank account details. If you prefer to get paid via PayPal, tick the "yes" radio button. We will then send your money via PayPal using your email address from your registration details.

What about bank or PayPal money transfer charges?

Please note that, depending on where in the world you maintain your bank or PayPal account, there may be a money transfer charge that you will incur when we pay you. As we are a UK-based organisation, Stripe pays us in Pound Sterling. We can transfer money within the European Union to a Pound Sterling bank account and a Pound Sterling PayPal account without a transfer charge for you. If you do not maintain an account in Sterling in the European Union, your bank (or PayPal) will carry out the foreign exchange transaction to pay you in the currency of your bank account and may deduct a money transfer charge as well. Please check this with your bank or PayPal.

Also, see our FAQ page to learn more about searching for photos.

Earn extra Clock Credits on social media

Tell your colleagues and friends about us. To get the networking effect going of our clock conservation crowdsourcing platform, we encourage you, after you have joined us as a Member, to spread the news of your Membership. If you tweet that important event, using hashtag #theclockregister, or state it on Facebook, we'd be thrilled to award you an extra 200 Clock Credits right away.