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Clockmakers: increase your knowledge and value added

Morbier longcase clock
The Clock Register helps you run your business better and deliver a better service to your clients. And if you deliver better work, you have every right to charge more for what you do.

So if you are a clockmaker, clock repairer, restorer, conservator, tutor or clock student, this site is for you.

Build a pedigree

Once you have registered a clock in The Clock Register, its pedigree is born and now a detailed work and ownership timeline of that clock will build up, of great value to clockmakers today and those of future generations. This is an effort by us all, for us all. We hope you will support it and benefit from it.

We store the technical and ownership history of antique clocks. We do this, because it is interesting. And we know that a clock gains in value if we know who has owned it in the past. We store the reports of the clockmakers who worked on the clock, because, again, we know this greatly enhances the value of the clock. And it facilitates any future work on it if we know what earlier work was carried out and why.

Search and find...

You can search on any word or phrase, on specific fields or through thousands of photos of clocks and clock parts to find examples of just the type of clock, or clock part, you want to see. We use over 150 attributes to categorise clocks. So chances are you are going to find what you are looking for.

...all in one place

You can find photos of clock parts that are missing in the clock you are working on. You can see who worked on a clock and when, what has been done to a clock and why, who owns it now and who owned it in the past. You can even download conservators' job reports. If you can verify what has been done to a clock in the past, you will make better decisions about what should happen to that clock today. Other clockmakers can add information to it, learn from what earlier clockmakers have done to it and why.

Become an active participant

Contribute clock information and photos. By contributing clock information you gain Clock Credits ensuring your continued free access to The Clock Register. The more job reports you load, the higher up on the conservators list your name will show. Add your clock photos to increase your income. And by doing all this, help create a clock conservation hub of growing and lasting value to us all.

Participate and benefit

The Clock Register is a FREE service for those who add clock information to it. You collect credits when you add a clock to The Clock Register. While searching and viewing the result screen of a search is free, you will lose a few Clock Credits when you open the detailed term sheet of a clock, owner or conservator. Your credit balance is always visible on screen and you can even buy credits if you so wish. If we can recognise you as an Expert, you will receive additional benefits.

Expert or not, if you want to advertise your clocks for sale, you can do so for FREE on our clocks for sale page by simply adding your clock to The Clock Register and stating your sale price when asked for.

You may also want to advertise for FREE your restoration or conservation services on our list of clockmakers. In the unfortunate event your clock has been stolen, you can report it here to hasten its retrieval.

Earn extra Clock Credits on social media

So, join us now to become a Member, search for clocks and photos, add your own photos to earn some extra money, take the Expert test, register your clocks, offer them for sale and get on the list of clockmakers.

Tell your colleagues and friends about us. To get the networking effect going of our clock conservation crowdsourcing platform, we encourage you, after you have joined us as a Member, to spread the news of your Membership. If you tweet that important event, using hashtag #theclockregister, or state it on Facebook, we'd be thrilled to award you an extra 200 Clock Credits right away.